Is this a race? Are awards/prizes given?

The event is not a race and awards will not be given.
Upon completion of the event you will be able to review your own times for the event but this is for your information only and you will not be ranked against other participants.

What is the difference between a sportive and a race?

A sportive takes place on open roads, is generally longer, has traffic junctions and is about completion rather than time. A race is about seeing who goes fastest and will generally have a smaller course with either closed roads or minimal amounts of junctions.

Is the event timed/can I be tracked?

Yes you will receive your time after you finish including splits by discipline.

You will however not be ranked against anyone else in the event.

Online tracking is available with your location updated as you pass key check points such as feed stations.

Is the event permitted by the BTF(subject to technical rules)?

No as the event is a sportive style event it does not require an event permit from British Triathlon nor compliance with the technical rules. You may well see a BTF presence at the event though as they are keen to see a potential new triathlon format emerging.


Are there cut off times for this event?

Yes although they are very generous.

The Swim will need to be completed within 1 hours and 20 minutes of the event start

The bike will need to be completed within 7.5 hours of the event start.

The Run will need to be completed within 11.5 hours of the event start.

Based on a 8.30am Start this would mean you need to complete the event by 8.00pm

Are there feed stations along the bike / run routes?

Yes there are feed stations on both the bike and the run that will be well stocked with fuel to keep you going.

Do you provide mechanical assistance on the bike course?

Yes, we will have mechanical crews on the bike course who will be able to assist you if necessary.

Can I use an MP3 player or communication device?

You must be able to hear marshals communications at all times during the event and therefore only MP3 players that use jawbone conducting sound are allowed. It is a good idea to carry a communication device with you during the event in case you require assistance.

Are TT Bars allowed?

Tri bars / aero bars are allowed, under a sensible use policy; they may not be used in group riding, heavy traffic or whilst approaching road junctions. We recommend they are only used whilst in solo situations.


How do I arrange my kit?

We will be using a 3 kit bag system on the day similar to other long course events.

You will have a Bike Bag which will stay in transition at Eton Dorney. After the Swim, your kit will go in this bag and be transported to the finish if required.

You will have a Run Bag which will be transported from the start to transition 2 at Hassocks whilst you swim and ride there. Your Bike kit will go into this bag and be transported to start/finish as instructed.

You will have a Finish Line bag that can contain anything you will want for immediately after the event. If you are returning to Windsor this bag goes with you on the coach back.

How is my bike transported?

We are using a professional transportation company who are experienced in working on other large sportive rides stowing and transporting bikes safely.

The company are fully insured for this purpose.

How frequently will the coaches depart to return to Windsor?

This will be updated once a final schedule is confirmed as this is still subject to final numbers. Higher participant numbers mean more coaches more often and as a new event participant numbers may be unclear until close to event day.

It is currently anticipated that coaches will depart at 45 minute intervals from 5.45pm until 8.30pm.

There may be a short delay for practical purposes if the coach is only partly full.

There will be a good atmosphere at the finish line to keep you occupied until your coach is ready and having come all that way there’s no harm in relaxing on the beach for a while.

How long is the return journey from Brighton to Windsor?

Subject to traffic the journey time is around 1 hour and 30 minutes by Coach.


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